Out trust consists of a dedicated bunch of cyclists who are determined to put the coastal BOP on the NZ cycling map. We intend to promote, fund, develop and establish an interconnected network of trails in the Western BOP region for use by the community for cycling and walking, whenever such trails will contribute to the social, cultural, environmental and economic well-being of residents or visitors to the region. It is our intention to involve the community and local business in all aspects of the creation and maintenance of the trails.





The Bay of Plenty Community Trails Trust is legally constituted as a Charitable Trust. The committee consists of a chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and is supported by 4 trustees. There are also a few die-hard supporters who don’t believe that giving up on our dream is an option.


Jan Booysen - Chairman

An electrical engineer by profession, Jan is a keen long-distance cyclists who loves nothing more than soaking up mile after mile of spectacular scenery from the back of a bike, with some like-minded people. He is a key member in the establishment of the trust, and believes firmly that what we dream of, we can achieve, with plenty of hard work,  blood (maybe a bit?), (lots of) sweat, and tears (not likely!). His ultimate aim is to connect the Hauraki Rail Trail with Rotorua or Whakatane, via Tauranga, using the community and local business.


Chris Ingram -

Now retired, Chris loves nothing more than taking his bike to new places in NZ to explore their trails, and plans one day to ride the Cape Reinga to Bluff Trail. His passion and vision is for Tauranga to have a safe network of trails for families, commuting students and workers, recreational walkers and bikers with signage and maps, working closely and cooperatively with the Council. Within the BOP he shares the vision to establish our own Pacific Coastal Trail, linking with Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Whakatane and the whole of the North Island to bring international ‘bike packers’ into our region, a proven way to boost tourism and the local economy.


Lyn Manning - Treasurer

Lyn's most memorable childhood experience was being given a bicycle for Christmas and learning to ride it the same day.  He hasn’t stopped since! During our winter Lyn goes to Europe to enjoy their vast network of cycle trails. These cover vast distances, are generally traffic free, well signposted and often sealed. His dream is to have an equivalent network in place here in NZ.


Secretary - Position Vacant


Caroline Boyle - Strategist

Caroline has a farming background plus 27 years in a rural school office (amongst other things). She has had the pleasure of riding many of the trails New Zealand has to offer, and overseas ones (like 1400km in England and Europe on some very enviable paths). She is the owner of Go Cycling BOP,  which will help organize your cycling experience in the Bay of Plenty, with local knowledge, shifting luggage, cars and anything that makes a cycling holiday more enjoyable. She does both mountain and road biking and has been a long time member of Te Puke Women on Wheels, where she was a  co organizer. She feels very strongly that we need to improve our trail systems for the enjoyment and benefit of our local and wider communities.


Phil Schoemack - Trustee

Phil is a founding member of the trust, and has done the Tour Aotearoa (Cape Reinga to Bluff) twice. He works as a medical health officer for the BOP District Health Board. For Phil the best way of getting from one place to another on a daily basis is by bike, the best holidays are those involving a fair amount of biking, and when he manages to squeeze in some leisure time he usually heads for a bike.  To make all this more accessible and more attractive to more people Phil is committed to ensuring we build extensive networks of quality cycling infrastructure, in towns, between towns and throughout rural areas.

Besides the people above, there are a few other dedicated individuals who are either camera-shy, or just prefer to beaver away in the background without being noticed. Bruce Galloway was instrumental in establishing the trust way back in October 2013. Nick Roozenburg also got involved in the early days. They are both trustees of the trust. Kevin Kerr is always on the look-out for an opportunity to further cycle trails in the Tauranga city and surrounds. He was a key organizer that arranged a very successful protest ride to convince the elected members of TCC to vote for a cycle trail between Bethlehem and the Matua salt marsh. The trust would also like to acknowledge Rick Balfour for the huge effort he put into the establishment of the trust in the early days of its inception. Rick moved away for employment reasons but keeps a keen interest on proceedings. Finally, Gary Allis of the Western Bay district council is mainly responsible for the Omokoroa trail, and his can-do attitude and keen sense of optimism is a huge driving force for cycling in the region. Gary’s right-hand man who manages and negotiates a lot of proposed trails is Geoff Canham, who has been totally dedicated to the formation of trails up and down the western BOP.

We also have Peter Lochead to thank for his efforts in getting the trust established, and in particular his engagement with the law firm Cooney, Lees Morgan who drew up the Trust Deed. They did a fantastic job, and we are forever grateful that we now operate in the proper framework of charitable societies.