Fraser St - Ohauiti - Maungatapu -Waimapu Estuary Loop

Approx: 18.7km

Time: 1 hour 17 minutes

About this ride: This is a easy to moderate ride, on gravel and concrete paths, road and boardwalk. Harbour views, mainly off road or on separate paths a couple of short busy road stretches.

Area: Tauranga

Bike Type: Mountain bikes or any wider tyre bike


Park and Start: Fraser Cove Shopping Centre, 219 Fraser St. As a courtesy park as far away from the shops as possible nearest the Estuary and Fraser St. Refreshment and toilet options here and at Palmers Garden Centre Welcome Bay.


Cross Fraser St turning right on the footpath for approx. 230m, left onto the path next to the Estuary before Lloyd St. Follow the gravel path for approx. 400m. Turn right at the first blue ‘ Reserve Access’ sign ( to follow stream on left ) up a hill, emerging onto Fraser St ( approx. 300m) Turn left to ride with care along Fraser St, crossing Esk St, then uphill and turning left into Harrier St (300m.) To the left of Mail box 54 ( on your right ) ride into a narrow grassy passageway this brings you out onto Yatton Park. Ride clockwise around the park on a sealed path, exiting through the main gates and left onto Fraser St. Ride straight through the roundabout and onto Oropi Rd which flows down hill for 1.2km. At the bottom of the hill left onto Greerton Park path with the drain on your left ( two left paths here ) follow along the edge of the park and up and over the Waimapu River Bridge. The path comes out at the Toi Ohomai Institute, turn right for 300m ( Bay Auto building on your left ) You will be turning right at the intersection, cross to the right hand side of the road before you get to it. And ride on wide concrete shared path for 350m on Windermere Drive, left into Poike Rd for 85 m, follow the path at the roundabout left and up over the walk / ride bridge over SHW29A. Turning right on the other side of the bridge. Left into Poike Rd for 250m. Right into Hollister Lane for 1.3km. Left into Rowesdale Drive for 550m. Just past the Autumn Place road sign look out for the reserve access on your left ( Ohauiti Reserve ). Follow this reserve path turning right onto a larger path, riding straight ahead then loop around the end of the river and back on the other side, this path comes out onto Mcfertridge Lane turn right.

Left into Ohauiti Rd for 1.80km, before you get to the Palmers Garden Centre ( café here ) and intersection cross the road onto the footpath so you have the traffic coming towards you. You will turn right into Welcome Bay Rd, cross the road at the lights controlled pedestrian crossing turning right onto the footpath on the other side. Follow Welcome Bay Rd veering left to a lights controlled intersection. You will need to ride straight through this intersection into Hammon St on the other side. and immediately ( carefully ) right just before the ’25 and arrows’ recommend speed on corner, sign. From the intersection you will not be able to see the reserve turn off, but sight up the sign so you are prepared.

Follow the estuary path veering right as you go. This comes out at the Fantail Drive Reserve, turn left and up the hill. Right into Taipari St, left over the bridge which crosses over SHW 29 for 550m, left into Maungatapu Rd for 1.1km follow this along past the Maungatapu Primary school, when you get Sunset Cres on your right cross the road here and continue on the right hand side of Maungatapu road with the traffic coming towards you on a wide shared path. This will take you through a tunnel, across a red bridge and through another tunnel coming out onto the road ( Wickham Place), turn right into Hairini St keeping to the shared path on the left hand side of the road for 1km 350m which takes you over the bridge and past the Silver Birch Holiday Park. A little further on, on the left is a signpost with a bike and arrow turn left, ( beside a phone box) following the estuary path/ board walk ( keep veering left and watch for bollards ) for 1 km exiting up the hill for 350m onto 18th Ave. ( Tauranga Intermediate on your left. ) Left onto Fraser St for approx. 400m and back to your car.