Papamoa to Tauranga & The Mount Loop

Approx. 2 hours

Km: 42km

About this ride:

Area: Papamoa, Tauranga, Mount Manganui

This is a flat ride on sealed roads, concrete and fine gravel paths. There are many off road

sections and also some very busy areas where care must be taken - Totara St, The Mall, Adams

Ave, Marine Parade. Watch for car doors opening and parking cars that seem to not see cyclists.

Apart from that you will be rewarded with magnificent views of Tauranga, Tauranga harbour,

the Mount, and an awesome surf beach that goes for miles. Also some very safe and picturesque

waterway paths through Papamoa.

Bike Type: Road bikes


Park and Start: Gordon Spratt Reserve. Turning off Parton Rd down Alice Way, right again to park beside Papamoa Sports and Recreation Centre. There are toilets here.

Directions: From here ride north with the tennis courts on your left, straight ahead, hedge on your left and over a bridge. Left again onto the reserve track across Longview Drive, across Opal Drive into the Topaz Drive Reserve, carefully across busy Domain Rd, riding behind the shops coming out onto Gravatt Rd. On your right is the Fashion Island shopping centre, there is a coffee shop here which you should be able to see Blackberry Eatery with toilets behind.

Cross over Gravatt Rd at the Beach Water Roundabout veering left a little on the footpath then right again onto the path beside the waterways. Across Palm Beach Blvd, Hartford Ave and Evans Rd coming out on Pacific View Rd. From your parked car to here is 6.9km of off road riding.

Ride left into Pacific View Rd for 250m turning right at the roundabout into Grenada St for 2.6 km, left into Monowai St for 550m, right into Gloucester Rd for 550m then you come to Girven Rd. You will need to cross here at the lights straight ahead to the Bayfair shopping centre, once you are across the Rd turn immediately left at the underground parking spaces veer left out onto the footpath and carry on with the traffic on Girven Rd coming towards you on your left. ( there is building happening as at 16.5.19 otherwise you would not need to use the footpath) Cross carefully into the Bayfair parking area , staying to the outer left edge of the car parking area, follow this around for approx. 100m until you come to the under pass on your left, this will take you safely under the Maunganui Rd round about. This brings you out onto Matapihi Rd for 5.4km, continue down the road on the wide concrete path, lovely views of Tauranga and the harbour from here. Continue over the Causeway turning right onto the Strand. There are lots of eateries along here, otherwise turn right at the water fountain enjoying the waterfront heading in the direction of the Tauranga Harbour Bridge. There are toilets here, also the Hairy Maclary bronze Sculptures. ( be careful of low bollards along this area, you may be so busy enjoying the view that you miss seeing them ) This comes out at Dive Cres turning right and staying on the footpath with oncoming traffic coming towards you, (Bobby’s Fish shop will be on your right) the path widens. Just before you come up to Trinity Wharf Hotel ( there is a bike repair tool stand here ) take the path on your right, which will take you down in front of the foundation pillars of the building, follow the path along turning left after you go under the harbour bridge.

Optional side trip: Refreshment and special interest: As you come off the harbour bridge turn right down Mirrielees Rd at the lights. Left into Cross Rd, over the railway line and left again into the next Road, sign posted Otumoetai with a bike picture, to 58 Cross Rd, (whole one way trip 0.6km ). Ride through the Marine Park car park to the boat ramp. Ride up and over the bridge on your right that takes you over the Fort Nautilus Dry Stack waterway to the Nautilus Restaurant & Expresso Bar Tauranga. There is a bike parking area and outdoor space and tables for you to enjoy refreshments here and or walk back to the gate left of the bridge (or through the restaurant ) to the most interesting Fort Nautilus Dry Stack, a three boat high storage area. ( the only other one of these in New Zealand is in Auckland ) All the more interesting if they are taking a boat in or out by a fork lift arrangement into the waterway while you are there!

The ride / walk path continues past the Nautilus Restaurant a perfect stepping stone to some of Tauranga’s Cycle / walk ways. ‘Cycle network Tauranga City Council’ to down load the maps. This is especially close to the 9 km loop Waikareao Estuary loop. And / or Alternatively carry on down Cross Rd ( not turning left to the Restaurant after the rail way line) which flows into Keith Allen Drive for 1.3km one way from the harbour bridge, and down to the Tauranga Marina to enjoy a little boat watching. The Marina Café is also here. Retrace your path

Riding back to where you came out at the harbour bridge. Take the path up and over the bridge, enjoying the views. Ride left into Totora St for 2.6km on the cycle lane, this is a very busy road and care must be taken. You will pass Dominion Salt works and My Ride Cycle Shop (fabulous wall art on the Mount side of their shop worth stopping at), . Left at the T intersection into Rata St for 120m, right into Nikau St for 170m, path on the left, then proceed straight across Coronation Park coming out by the toilets and Police Station on Salisbury Ave, ride left on this road with flows right into ( busy from here on so take care ) The Mall for 1km, ( harbour side) which flows right at the base of the Mauao into Adams Ave for 280m (Mount Hot Pools here and opposite the Copenhagen Ice Cream shop ) which flows right onto the Surf side of the beach and Marine Parade. There are plenty of refreshment options here, after 350m opposite Commons Ave where there is a viewing platform ( toilets beneath ) and drinking water fountain. From here you get a spectacular view of Mauao, the main beach, coast going towards Papamoa and Mayor and Motiti Island.

Continue along Marine Parade from the viewing platform for 3.4km ( this is a busy road, take care ) left at the roundabout into Oceanbeach Rd for 3.7km, right into Yale St for 90m, left into Maranui Rd for 1.7km. On your right will be Pacific View Rd you can choose to turn right here, into Pacific View Rd and ride for 450m until the Reserve track you rode in on comes up on your left, opposite James Henry Ave ( the reserve track is slightly obscured by trees. ) Follow the reserve back the same way as you came in, If you get to Parton Rd ( beside the Papamoa Village Park sign ) go back a few metres until you come to your bridge turning, then the tennis courts and parked car. Or if you would prefer riding on the road from the Pacific View Rd round about carry on Papamoa Beach Rd for 6.4km, turning right into Parton Rd for 900 m, right into Alice Way and right again to your parked car.