Surf 2 Geysers Loop

This loop can be started from anywhere. Scroll down the page to find your starting point if it is not Mount Maunganui. The loop has been divided into Sections to give you start/ stop options and an indication of kilometres. The Sections are linked from City to town to village to settlement so you have refreshment/ accommodation options.

Section One: Mount Maunganui to Paengaroa 45km Flat
Mount Maunganui / Tauranga / Matapihi / Bayfair/ Papamoa/ Paengaroa

Section Two: Paengaroa to Rotorua 65.2km
Paengaroa / Otaramarae / Okere Falls 37.2km Undulating Okere Falls / Hamurana / Rotorua 28km One hill, slightly undulating

Section Three : Rotorua to Paengaroa 83.6km flat to undulating
Rotorua / Tikitere / Lake Rotoiti / Lake Rotoehu / Rotoehu / Pongakawa / Paengaroa

Section Four: Paengaroa to Mount Maunganui 46.6km
Paengaroa / Maketu / Papamoa / Mount Maunganui



Section One: Mount to Paengaroa

Section One Start: Mount Maunganui 45km flat End: Paengaroa
Mount Maunganui - Tauranga - Matapihi - Bayfair - Papamoa - Paengaroa

A great starting point and photo opportunity is the Midway viewing platform opposite Commons Ave, on Marine Parade ( with a toilet below it, and drinking water fountain near the footpath) You have all day to explore this section and maybe take the side options. Ride back towards the Mount, Mauao ( plenty of cafes below the accommodation towers here ) following the road for 350 m flowing left into Adams Ave for 280m , past the Hot Pools on your right and the Copenhagen Ice Cream shop on your left. Left into the Mall ( Harbour side ) for 1km which flows - Left into Salisbury Ave then half way along this road on your right ride in between the Police Station and toilets, straight through Coronation Park which comes out on Nikau Cres, ride 170m straight ahead on here Left onto Rata St away from the Port for 120m. Right into busy Totora St for 2.6km, along the road cycle path past Avantiplus Cycle shop ( there is an excellent piece of art work on the Avantiplus wall, well worth stopping at )  & Dominion Salt on your left. At the second set of lights is a major intersection with Hewletts Rd, you need to be on the right hand side of the road with the traffic coming to-wards you. The safest option is to get up onto the footpath with Ultimate Motor Group on your left and behind you, and cross the road as a pedestrian, at the lights, so you end up on the right hand side of Totora St onto a shared walk/ cycle path ( on Hewletts Rd with the traffic coming towards you ) which will take you up over the Harbour Bridge. It is worth taking a moment at the top of the bridge to enjoy the view, of the Mount, Harbour, Marina, Port and Tauranga.

Optional side trip: Refreshment and special interest: As you come off the harbour bridge turn right down Mirrielees Rd at the lights. Left into Cross Rd, over the railway line and left again into the next Road, sign posted Otumoetai with a bike picture, to 58 Cross Rd, ( whole one way trip 0.6km ). Ride through the Marine Park car park to the boat ramp. Ride up and over the bridge on your right that takes you over the Fort Nautilus Dry Stack waterway to the Nautilus Restaurant & Expresso Bar Tauranga. There is a bike parking area and outdoor space and tables for you to enjoy refreshments here and or walk back to the gate left of the bridge ( or through the restaurant ) to the most interesting Fort Nautilus Dry Stack, a three boat high storage area. ( the only other one of these in New Zealand is in Auckland ) All the more interesting if they are taking a boat in or out by a fork lift arrangement into the waterway while you are there !
The ride / walk path continues past the Nautilus Restaurant a perfect stepping stone to some of Tauranga’s Cycle / walk ways. ‘Cycle network Tauranga City Council’ to down load the maps. This is especially close to the 9 km loop Waikareao Estuary loop. Or go to for guided rides. If you wish to have a few days in Tauranga.          And / or alternatively carry on down
Cross Rd ( not turning left to the Restaurant after the rail way line) which flows into Keith Allen Drive for 1.3km one way from the harbour bridge , and down to the Tauranga Marina to enjoy a little boat watching. The Marina Café is also here, and toilets. Retrace your path.

Once over the Tauranga Harbour bridge, immediately turn right onto a cycle path that will take you back the way you came but at ground level, signed posted Cycle Mount Maunganui. This will take you under the bridge you have just ridden over, veering right towards the white building which is the Trinity Wharf Hotel and ride on the path at the front of their foundation pillars which will take you out onto the cycle path on Dive Cres. Continue left along this path ( don’t cross over the railway line.)just after Bobby’s Fish shop ride left onto the footpath and foreshore path and park straight ahead of you. Proceed ahead, watching out for two sets of low bollards in the middle of the path, half way along you will come across the Hairy Maclary bronze sculptures from famed children’s book author Lynley Dodd.( toilets along here )  Proceed ahead, when you get to a small white building turn right and you will see a small fountain near the rail way line,( on the other side of the railway line is down town Tauranga, with plenty of eateries along the Strand )  cross the rail way line carefully here. Left down the Strand Rd at the roundabout, heading towards the railway bridge, ride up and over this ( sign posted Bayfair ) and onto the Matapihi causeway & cycle / walk path for 5.4km. Enjoying views of the harbour as you go. Passing Omanu Golf course on your left. When you meet the railway line cross carefully over it and under the underpass into the Bayfair Shopping Centre car park.
Turn right in the car park and follow the outer edge of parked cars, cross carefully over the entry exit way ( staying in the car park area ), riding straight ahead, when the underground car park is on your left turn right into the traffic lights area, and ride straight through the traffic lights across Girven Rd, into Gloucester Rd for 550 m Left into Monowai St for 550m Right into Grenada St for 2.6km. Left into Pacific View Rd at the roundabout for 250 m Right onto the Reserve path. ( this is just after Reef Ave, slightly obscured by a rubbish bin, trees & electrical box’s ) James Henry Ave is on your left. Mind the bollards as you enter and exit the reserve paths.
Carry on the Reserve path for 2.57km, crossing over Evans Rd and Hartford Ave ( a little down on your left the reserve path continues.) cross over Palm Beach Blvd continue on the reserve, until you pop out at the Fashion Island Shopping Centre on Gravatt Rd and the Beachwater roundabout.

Optional Side Trip: On your left you will see Repco and before that Esquire Coffee ( there is a toilet behind this shop. ) or Gana Café ( further down, 26 Gravatt Rd)

As you popped out of the reserve track onto Gravatt Rd, ride left along the foot path past the Beachwater Roundabout and cross the road and ride through the white bollards under the Norfolk Pine, there is a path around the back of the Fashion Island Shopping Centre, with a lake on your right, which takes you out onto Domain Rd, cross Domain Rd and continue on the reserve track. Carry on the reserve track, crossing Opal Drive, and Longview Drive. ( Gravatt Rd to Paton Rd is 3.6km) Right onto Parton Rd ( under the Papamoa Village Park sign) into the road cycle lane. You are now heading in the direction of the Papamoa Hills. ( from here you can see the front of the hills are contoured with the remnants of ancient Maori fortifications ) Carry on to the roundabout on Parton Rd.

Optional Side trip :  Right at the Parton Rd/ Tara Rd roundabout, ride 1km, on your right at 112 is Pacifica Home and Garden, a lovely gift shop, garden centre and café which is well used to cyclists. There is a cycle rack left of the main door by some outdoor tables. A great place to stretch your legs. Add 2km onto your total ride Coming out of the garden centre turn left into Tara Rd, back the way you came , ride through the round about, turning right at the Parton Rd roundabout for 2.1km along Parton Rd

Continue along Parton Rd, on your left at 176 Parton Rd you will pass Blokart Heaven which also has Drift Karts
Continue over the TEL ( Tauranga Eastern Link motorway opened in 2015) motorway bridge. Left at the T intersection onto Bell Rd for 4.2km Continue along Bell Rd, just after you have ridden under the TEL over bridge ( notice the waka pattern on the Kaituna River bridge ) take the bike path on your left and left again to ride up over the bridge, taking a moment at the top to admire the Maori carvings, Papamoa Hills behind you & Rotorua Hills to the South and Maketu in front of you. Carry on the TEL path to the end.
Right into Te Tumu Rd ( sign posted Maketu ) at the end of the TEL path for 0.7km Right again at the T intersection into Maketu Rd for 0.3km

Left over the Railway line onto the concrete bike path to Paengaroa, ( sign posted Rotorua ) crossing carefully when you come to the round about, at the start of the TEL motorway, stick to the path. ( don’t go clockwise around the roundabout but cross as soon as you reach the road and roundabout ) in the direction of the Maori carvings. Continue on the concrete path to Paengaroa.
Look out for Comvita on your left, a great stop, open 8.30-5.00pm Health store, café, guided bee tours, health and beauty treatment room. Also in Paengaroa: The Funky Lizard Café/ Gallery/ Gifts, The Trading Post Bistro & Pizzeria, Fush and Chups Takeaway shop, Paengaroa Country Store, Golliwogs Bakery & Lunchbar, Gull Petrol Station, Aerius Helicopters ( scenic tours ), Te Puke Golf Club, O’Hara Game Estate

Accommodation Options :
Junction Motel: 246 SHW 33 Paengaroa. 07 5331023, where there is secure bike storage and space to leave your car while you are away riding the trail. Either turn onto the SHW 33 ( Gull is on this Rd ) turning left and you will find the Junction Motel on your right (350m) or carry on Old Coach Rd, through the village past Paengaroa Hall and right down Sunset Drive opposite Paengaroa School and left on SHW 33 and the Junction Motel will be on your right. (700m– a less busy option )



Section 2a: Paengaroa to Okere Falls

Section 2 Start: Paengaroa 37.2 km Undulating, some small hills
End: Rotorua

Riding out of The Junction Motel turning left into SHW 33 back towards Paengaroa ( this is a busy highway so take care ) Right into Sunset Drive Right again into Old Coach Rd at the school ( you might like to stop at Paengaroa for coffee or food to take with you in which case you will turn left at the school and into the village and then retrace your path ) Continuing along Old Coach Rd. Todays ride is mainly undulating through Kiwifruit and Avocado orchards, dairy farms in the first half of the ride and sheep and cattle in the second half (visits to any of these can be arranged well in advance) Follow Old Coach Rd, for 9.3k Right into Maniatutu Rd for 26.9km, some of this road is unsealed ( it also goes left ) Once you get into the cattle and beef farming area you get magnificent views south to the Rotorua hills and Tarawera to the left, and Papamaoa Hills to the right. If you wish to take a rest & (toilet stop next to the playground) by Lake Rotoiti, turn left down Otaramarae Rd for 400m and you will come to the lake. Ride past the boat ramp and boat sheds to gate No. 63 to the reserve and swimming spot. Retracing your path back up Otaramarae Rd and turn left onto SHW 33, you will be briefly 1.1km on a busy road, with a good verge, take care. Left down Okere Rd for 1.9km, follow this road to the end passing Lake Rotoiti Holiday Park on your left (Paengaroa to Okere Falls 36.9km 2 hours 35 mins ) Okere Falls is where Rafting and sledging down the Kaituna river starts. Also Glow Worm Cave Kayak Tours. At the end of the no exit Okere Rd take the path immediately on your left which will lead you over a small foot bridge and the start of the Kaituna River. ( mind this tree sheltered path may be slippery )

Optional Side Trip : Looking left you will see the Okere Falls Café, lock your bikes up here and walk back to Trout Pool Rd,  0.3km down on your right you will find a parking area to the very pretty Okere Falls Scenic Reserve. Enjoy the 1.2km walk , 30 minutes walk one way, or even a small way through the bush,  where you can observe the rafters/ kayakers and waterfalls on the river. ( mind slippery spray laden steps ) On your return, exit right out of Trout Pool Rd in the direction of the Okere Falls Café.

There are several B & B’s at Okere Falls if you wish to make this your night stop. Or travel 3.8km further on for more accommodation options.
Okere Falls Café is very very popular. Well worth a stop.

More accommodation options just beyond Okere Falls: Continuing past the café, beside Lake Rotoiti, on a slightly busier road for 3.8km with good verges and turning right into Hamurana Rd you will come to - Ramada Resort Rotorua Marama which is on your left, 1420 Hamurana Rd, Mourea 07 3624120, Depending on how far you want to ride and what activities you want to do, this is a very good night stop.
There is also accommodation at Okawa Bay , instead of turning right into Hamurana Rd, carry on for 1km to V R Rotorua Lake Resort on your left, and retrace your track the next morning to Hamurana Rd.
(Ramada Resort to the Rotorua main waterfront is 22.8km if you wish to carry on )
Rotorua is very fortunate to have a wide range of accommodation including some exquisite Boutique Luxury lodges, to find what accommodation suits your needs:


Surf 2 Geysers Section 3 map Okere Falls to Rotorua.jpg

Section 2b: Okere Falls to Rotorua

28km approx.

If Okere Falls is your stopping place: Okere Falls, 3.8 km flat riding turning right into Hamurana Rd, past Ramada Resort. One hill to start then flat with a couple of very minor hills. Many of Rotorua’s attractions and activities are around this side of the lake. This ride is a very scenic route around the North Western side of Lake Rotorua, Ramada Resort to Ngongotaha 15.2km 54 mins. Ngongotaha to Rotorua Lake front Reserve 7.6km
Continue along Hamurana Rd to Ngongotaha. The first 2km of this very scenic route is narrow so take care. There are many shops in the little village of Ngongotaha also Essence Café on your right 125 Ngongotaha Rd with plenty of space to park your bikes and excellent food.

Optional Side Trip: To visit the Agrodome ( show times 9.30am, 11.00am & 2.30pm) & Agroventures ride to the end of the Ngongotaha village and turn right down Western Rd, riding 1.7km, then retrace your peddles. *

And / or

Optional side Trip: For Paradise Valley Springs, continue through Ngongotaha right at the roundabout into SHW 5 then left into Paradise Valley Rd (Western Rd turn off to Paradise Valley Springs Rd turn off is 2km). Riding up Paradise Valley Rd for 8.8km until you come to the Park. Exit the park by turning right onto Paradise Valley Rd, left onto Clayton Rd, straight ahead into Lake Rd at a big intersection, left at the roundabout into Lakefront Rd, you will come to the lake front reserve ( 10.1km from Paradise Valley Springs to Lake front) Ibis or Novotel Hotel are very close to the Lake Front Reserve

And / or

If you don't wish to see any of the below activities and would like to go directly from Ngongotaha to Rotorua on an off road path, turn left into Taui St in Ngongotaha Village, right into the car park, at the back of the car park is a path which you will follow veering left over a bridge. This will take you directly onto Railway Rd and Lake Rd.

And / or

Optional Side Trip: Continue on from the village of Ngongotaha, on Ngongotaha Rd, once you reach the round-about the concrete foot path on your left is also a shared walk / cycle way. ( be mindful of cars exiting drive ways ) Further on you will come across Adventure Playground and Dirt Bike Tours, Canopy Tours ( on your left ), Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park and Skyline Rotorua Gondola on your right. At the second set of traffic lights, just past the Skyline Rotorua Gondola intersection turn left into Kawaha Point Rd for 500m. Right on to the riding trail ( also on your left ) this is just before Matthew Place on your right. Follow the riding trail until you come out beside Railway Rd, turning left at the roundabout onto Lake Rd on a very nice concrete bike /walk path. Mind the road /drive way exits as you ride along here.

Left at the traffic lights into Lake Front Rd, as you get to the top of this road, look down on your left into the car park for lake views and the Te Papaiouru Marae and Saint Faith’s Anglican Church. It is worth riding into the car park for a better view.
Left at the roundabout into Lakefront Rd, you will come to the beautiful Lake Front Reserve. You may wish to carry on Lakefront Rd which flows into Oruawhata Drive to the beautiful Government Gardens. Overlooking the Lake Front Reserve are the Ibis or Novotel accommodation, which have secure bike storage. If the weather is not nice you can dine in or easily walk to the nearby restaurants and shops from here if you don’t have an accompanying car. Many of the Rotorua activities have a pick up drop of service. The accommodation choice is entirely yours.
You may wish to go to the Rotorua Activities page to decide on what you might like to see and do and how much time / days you will need to allow.


Surf 2 Geysers Loop map Section 3 Rotorua to Paengaroa.jpg

Section 3: Rotorua to Paengaroa

This section is a long one, chose your distance and accommodation and break it up in as many days are you require.  Rotorua Lake front to your turn off at SHW 30 the riding is flat. Slightly undulating along SHW 30 with one very big down hill and corner ( take care ) From Rotoehu Rd, you start heading back to sea level. Old Coach Rd is undulating.

Rotorua Lakefront to:

Moose Lodge & Golf Resort Hotel Lake Rotoiti is 22.8km
Wildwood Lodge Lake Rotoiti 34.7km
Kennedy Bay 39.5km Lake Rotoehu
Otautu Bay 42.1km Lake Rotoehu
Equine Sporting Clay birds 44.9km
Old Forest School 56.5km
Old Coach Rd Oasis Glamping 67.8km

From the lake front reserve ride along Lakefront Drive and the lake in an anticlock wise direction, ( on the road ) flowing into Oruawhata Drive which will take you into Queens Drive ( go back to this point when you have finished exploring the beautiful gardens - Government Gardens - and magnificent building that is the Rotorua Museum, formally the Bath House, & Café. ( ) Riding down Queens Drive, towards the back of the Rotorua Museum, with the Energy Events Centre on your right, you will come to an intersection with Hatupatu Dr, directly behind this road sign and the Government Gardens sign is the path you want to take onto a boardwalk, - turning right onto it ( mind your tyres as you ride onto this board walk as the wooden slates are wide ) Keep on this path past the Polynesian Spa following along the lake side edge of the car park. When you come out at the T intersection with Eurera St & Amohau St ( Accommodation facility Sudima Lake Rotorua will be in front of you ) left into a bike / walk path. Keeping left following the bike signs along this interesting path through Sulphur flats ( always stay on the path - this is a geothermal area ! ) you will come out onto SHW 30 ( at the traffic lights. ) 5.1km. Left carefully onto the foot path and over the bridge for 750m Left again into Vaughan Rd at the blue Tip Top dairy, ( to avoid the traffic and a busy roundabout) for 2.8km

Optional Side trip: ( The last bike shop/ cafe before you leave town is the Outdoorsman at 6 Tarawera Rd in which case you will not turn off at Vaughan Rd, straight ahead, right at the roundabout into Tarawera Rd. Exiting onto Marino Rd at the roundabout on the return. )

Right into Owhata Rd for 160m. Left at the round about into SHW30 ( Te Ngae Rd) Continue carefully on this wide verged busy road for 6.9km passing Rotorua Airport and 3D Maze and Whitewater Raft and Sledge on your left. Rangiteaorere Rd will come up on your left, prepare as a group to go into the centre ‘turn right’ lane when it is safe. There is a no left verge at this turn off so prepare yourselves back at Raniteaorere Rd. The riding is flat to this turn off. Right into SHW 30 ( signposted Whakatane, ) to Tikitere, passed Hellsgate Geothermal Park & Mud bath Spa on your left and continue on. (from this SHW 30 turn off to your next major Left at Manawahe Rd is 22.6km )
22.8km on from the lake front you will come to Historic Moose Lodge & Golf Resort Hotel at 843 SHW 30, 07 3627823. ) The Queen and Duke had a five day stop over at Moose Lodge in 1954. It has been refurbished in 2016.

Soon Lake Rotoiti will be on your left. You might like to have a spell at Te Ruato Bay opposite Lake Okataina Rd, ( there is hope that one day the trail might go through the Lake Okataina walk way and down Lake Okataina Rd,) Emery’s General store is further on, your right. ( the last store until Paengaroa )

At Tapuaeharuru Bay, ( for accommodation here ) the north eastern end of Lake Rotoiti, turn left into Tamatea Street if you have the need for a  public toilet, otherwise don't turn off.                                                       This lovely section of beautiful historic bush is near Hongi’s Track 2.2km walk way( to../hinehopu-hongis track ) The bush is stunning but the road is narrow. Prepare to take to the grass if need be, You may wish to take a spell at the  Wishing Tree on your way to Lake Rotoehu.
From the SHW 30 Tikitere turn off to Wildwood Lodge at 11 Morehu Rd, Lake Rotoehu is 20.2km. ( 07 3620016 Max 6 guests ) or from the Rotorua Lake Front Reserve to here is 34.7km

Left into Manawahe Rd for 800m past the Waitangi Soda Springs ( if you want to pack your swim wear ) on your left. Left at the T intersection into Pongakawa Valley Rd ( signed posted Pongakawa Rd ) for 10.8km (46mins) For accommodation at Kennedy and Otautu Bay. There is a small hill out of Kennedy and Otautu Bay. Right Rotoehu Rd at the T intersection ( also goes left ) Sign posted Pongakawa Valley Rd. Riding through the bush clad Pongakawa Ecological Reserve.
Equine Sporting Claybirds. 1412 Rotoehu Rd will be on your left (Equine Sporting Claybirds: 07 5333220, 0274305080. 1412 Rotoehu Rd, Te Puke. ) From the Rotorua Lakefront Reserve to here is 44.9km

3.7km further on is the very beautiful Old Forest School, a wedding/ function venue with the possibility of accommodation. ( this needs to be booked well in advance as it is such a popular place. Weekends would be book out, so you might like to start your accommodation planning and booking from this point first if this is a must have for you. Old Forest School: 795 Rotoehu Rd, Te Puke 075333925

From Pongakawa Valley Rd down Rotoehu Rd is a very quiet road, be mindful of the odd logging truck, car and mail delivery van. Continuing down Rotoehu Rd, which flows onto Old Coach Rd ( also goes right but stay left. )

Accommodation Option: At his point if you ride right into Old Coach Rd for 900m on your right is 1494 Old is Old Coach Oasis Glamping 07 5333711 027 3409341 From the Rotorua Lake Front Reserve to here is 67.8km If this is your accommodation option retrace your path in the morning by turning left out of their drive way an right at the intersection. 

Continue along Old Coach Rd and across the Pongakawa Stream ( Hongi's route )and up a hill.  Follow undulation Old Coach Rd until you get to the T intersection at Pongakawa Bush Rd, turn right. Past Pongkawa School. Carry on Old Coach Rd, passing Maniatutu Rd on your left and right to Paengaora. An overnight option or refreshment break. Pongakawa School to Paengaroa is 9.4km.

Accommodation Option: Junction Motel 246 SHW 33 Paengaroa where there is secure bike storage and you can leave your car while you are riding the trail.




Section 4: Paengaroa to Mount


Start: Paengaroa
End: Mount Maunganui 46.6km flat one small hill
Paengaroa - Maketu - Papamoa - Mount Maunganui

Continue through Paengaroa past Comvita ( with Comvita on your left ) for 2.6 km on Wilson Rd South. Cross SHW 2 with a little veer to the right onto Wilson Rd North for 4.7km Sign posted
Maketu. Right into Arawa Ave. From the top of Arawa Ave you get magnificent views east along the coast and also of the whole hinterland, Papamoa Hills, and coast to the West in the direction of the Mount.

Accommodation Option: Maketu Hilltop Holiday Park, 195 Arawa Ave, 07 5332222

1.6km along Arawa Ave,Bledisloe Park Ave is on your  right

Optional Side Trip: It is worth a small 210m detour or full 1.3km one way down Bledisloe Park Ave to Little Waihi to see the East Coast towards Whakatane, Pukehina Beach and Estuaryjust below you, Whale Island, Volcanic White Island and on a clear day, down to Cape Runaway, or all the way to the bottom of this hill through the Park & white barrier arm on your left to the beach, this hill has a surprisingly friendly gradient to return up.

Carrying on Arawa Ave. Flowing briefly left down Rauporoa Rd, stop opposite Williams Cres to admire the magnificent view. Right into Williams Cres for 300m, be careful - Caution: !! don’t get too much speed up for
the T intersection  to the end of this road !!! Right into Town Point Rd for 300m to the end of this road. From here you can see Plate Island to your right, low Motiti Island to your left and Mayor Island behind, the Bay all the way along to the Mount and the Coromandel behind. Turn about and proceed down Town Point Rd for 1.1km and you come out at the beach at the Maketu Surf Club, Maketu Beachside Café and Holiday Park.

Accommodation Option: (Maketu Holiday Park: 2 Town Point Rd, 07 5332165, email: An overnight option or refreshment break.
For more information about Historic Maketu: ( Click on ‘this is Maketu’ then ‘Our History ‘)

The rest of the riding is all flat, Continue past the Surf Club following the Estuary 400m, Right at the playground through the car park onto the path to the next car park. Left into Park Rd ,Right at the roundabout ( third exit ) into Maketu Rd for 2km Right into Kaituna Rd, ( 2.7km from Maketu to this turn off ) another 2.7km takes you to Ford Rd on your right.

Optional Side Trip : a side trip if you wish down Ford Rd, on your right, 1.7km one way – commonly called ‘The Cut’ where a White Heron can sometimes be seen and plenty of anglers fish and whitebaiters congregate where the Kaituna River meets the sea with a fabulous view right down to the Mount.

Continue riding straight along Kaituna Rd until you reach the Tauranga Eastern Link Motorway (TEL) biking /walking track and turn right into it, here you will be riding beside the motorway through Dairy Farming Country.
Once you cross the Kaituna River Bridge turn right down the other side ( can have loose metal on this corner ) and right again and under the bridge onto Bell Rd for 4.2km
Right into Parton Rd and through the roundabout.

Optional Side Trip: At this Parton Rd / Tara Road roundabout you may want to take the 1km side trip left down Tara Rd to Pacifica Home and Garden Centre for refreshments and back. There is bike parking left of the main door by some outside tables. A lovely garden shop, café and gift ware.

Ride down Parton Rd just below the large yellow Papamoa Village Park sign on your left take the Wairakei Reserve path on your left ( you rode in on this path ) Across Longview Drive, across Opal Drive, across Domain Rd on a path that takes you around the back of the Fashion Island shops ( the PaknSave signs on the buildings will be on your right, and the lake on your left) . Across Gravatt Rd/ Beachwater roundabout , little veer left along the foot path, this reserve path is hard to spot so keep an eye out for the rubbish bin. Once you have crossed over and right onto the reserve path. Across Palm Beach Blvd, across Harford Ave with a little left veer , across Evans Rd. Right into Pacific View Rd for 450m Left at the roundabout onto Papamoa Beach Rd which flows into Maranui St for 1.7km Right into Yale St for 96m Left into Ocean beach Rd for 3.7km

Take the 2nd left exit at the roundabout into Marine Parade for 3.4km and follow the shoreline back to the Mount Maunganui Viewing Platform opposite Commons Ave.