Waikareao Estuary



Approx: 9.4km

Time: 1 hour 34 minutes

About this ride: An easy flat ride around an estuary, with lots of water views and a good choice of cafes.

Area: Tauranga Central

About this Ride: This is a totally flat ride on concrete, gravel paths and board walks taking you around the Waikareao Estuary with wild life and harbour views. Bike Type: This can be done on a road bike but a wider tyre is the sensible option.


Park and start: There are several areas to park and start from. Two on Maxwell Rd, Coach Drive, the Waihi Rd entrance to Takitimu Drive and Cross Rd by the boat ramp and Nautilus Restaurant and Bar. The directions are from Cross Rd, where there is plenty of parking and toilets.

Directions: Ride towards the Nautilus Restaurant taking the bridge over the water way to the Boat Dry Stack on the right. From this vantage point you get a fabulous view down the harbour to the Mount. Carefully under the rail bridge, turning right at the road bridge onto the footpath, this is Chapel St, for 300m. Cross the road to Maxwell’s Road on your left ( also on your right ), there is a pedestrian crossing further on if the road is busy. Ride for 180m along Maxwells Rd turning left onto the track that goes around the edge of the Estuary. Keep turning left nearest the water. Cross the Kopurererua Stream at the bridge on Waihi Rd and down the other side, following along the edge ( off road ) of Takitimu Drive. Turn left onto Chapel St for 250 metres crossing the road at the lights to Bay Central Shopping Centre if you have parked at Maxwells Rd ( right ) or Cross Rd. There are plenty of refreshment options at the shopping centre or the Nautilus Restaurant. Ride for another 190 metres turning right onto the path you came in on before you crossed the bridge riding back to the car park.

Place of interest: Fort Nautilus Dry Stack boat storage, Nautilus Buffett Restaurant & Bar. There is a bike parking area and outdoor space and tables for you to enjoy refreshments here and or walk back to the gate left of the bridge (or through the restaurant) to the most interesting Fort Nautilus Dry Stack, a three boat high storage area. (the only other one of these in New Zealand is in Auckland) All the more interesting if they are taking a boat in or out by a fork lift arrangement into the waterway while you are there ! www.fortnautilus.co.nz